If you are interested in learning about your camera. Then I really recommend taking one of Savia's one on one photography lessons where she takes her time to teach you about photography. You can take lessons per hour or at an affordable daily rate.

If you love photography and want to be more creative I suggest booking a lesson today and letting your creativity begin!!

{Please let Savia know which camera you have before your lesson}

{Day Rates - start from 9am}

Beginners Lessons

Mon – Sat: From 9am

3 hours session

Lessons Start From £155


For photographers who are just starting out within photography and want to understand their camera better {What it does and how to control it,} These lessons will be perfect for you. You will be learning about all the button functions, what each button does and means and become familiar with how to hold your camera as well as learning about your camera settings.   


Intermediate Lessons

Mon – Sat: From - 9am

3 hour session

Lessons Start From £175


For photographers who have a good understanding of photography but would like to take their photography to the next level and start to be independent with their creativity. {You will be going more into depth with your settings within your camera, learning about lenses, capturing the moment instead of just taking pictures, Understanding more about raw & jpeg files as well as the right and different speeds of sd cards for your camera etc.


Lighting lessons

Mon – Sat: From - 9am

3 hour session

Lessons Start From £215


Want to learn more about studio lighting & how to position your model, then this would be perfect for you. Get to understand exactly what light does, and how important it is within photography {After all photography is about mastering light} Learning the difference between natural light and studio lighting. {You will be covering the different terms of studio lighting as well as outdoor lighting} The choice is yours...


Open Edition Lessons 

Mon – Sat: From - 9am

4 hour Session

Lessons Start From: £250

Per Hour Rate: £75


Is a per hour or 4 hour session package which allows you to choose exactly what you would like to learn at a flexible rate. {Learning about lighting, Lenses, ISO, F/stops, Shutter speeds, camera settings, silhouette photography etc. You choose what you want to learn and how you want to learn it. {Its completely up to you.} Making your learning more affordable and fun at the same time.