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For as long as I can remember I’ve loved being able to take pictures. I started out with the smallest film camera. {Which blow up a couple of months later because I used it so much}. {Laugh} My father then brought me another one, and I must say I have not stopped since.

As well as being a director of a {Photography Recruitment Agency}, which helped photographers, Amateur to Professional find work in what they love doing the most. SPRA works with the UK’s private clients and photographers, commercial businesses, as well as non-profit and community, motivated organizations, creating beautiful shots that serve the client's needs as well as getting photographers back into work with a photography recruitment agency you can trust. Enabling SPRA the company to find the talented creative amateur to professional photographers and bring them to you.

Still continuing to work on my own projects crossing from different sectors of the creative world. I admire and adore everything to do with creativity as well as photography. Photography is a creative way of helping me bring things to life through a lens. It’s also a beautiful talent to have to be able to manipulate light and shades to create memorable photos. {That will last forever} I’ve been doing photography for many years and I enjoy every part of it. {Even when I want to break my camera} I’m a humble, honest, yet unique photographer from West London. {Maida Vale} with an eye to capture things that my clients may miss and yet I know when captured they will think is beautiful. {The best time for me within creativity is the spontaneous moments.}

Photographs can say a thousand words but at the same time say nothing at all. Pictures have a lifetime of memories in there own right and regardless if you are using them for a work purpose or a special occasion each photo sends out its own unique message to each individual person.

I’ve done many different events from Music to Corporate events and from Wedding to Funerals.

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